Warlga Ngurra Women’s Refuge

2018 - current

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Backyard of Womens Refuge
Worn play equipment



Warlga Ngurra Women and Children’s Refuge is a an Aboriginal specific, Specialist Homelessness Services who assist Aboriginal Women, Children and Families in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens Areas. Referrals are also sent to Warlga Ngurra from all over NSW for both crisis accommodation and community outreach. 

Warlga Ngurra assists and support Women and Children escaping domestic and family violence, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

Warlga Ngurra assists hundreds of people every year at the refuge and through outreach programs. In 2018 approx 128 people both male and female and 75 children were assisted.    

Warlga Ngurra also hold community meetings, domestic violence, grief and loss and gambling groups and kids focused groups. 

out(fit) has prepared a masterplan to improve the backyard area, allowing women, children and staff places of play, reflection, respite in a secure environment

This project is currently applying for funding.






Project Team

Vanessa Sooprayen | Design and Visualisation

Georgia Kissa | Research

Laura Picknell | Design

Emma Guthrey | Project Management

Note: this project is confidential in its nature and we cannot publish imagery from it unless deidentified