Warlga Ngurra Community Centre

Raymond Terrace | 2018 - current


Completed elements of Phase 1 working bee

Images: Emma Guthrey



Warlga Ngurra Community Centre is an initiative of Warlga Ngurra Women’s and Children Refuge. Both are Newcastle-based Indigenous community organisations. Their services operate throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Region and Port Stephens.

Each year Warlga Ngurra assists hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members through the delivery of its many services. Their services cater for various ages, ranging from birth to elders.

This project was designed to support and expand the existing programs run by the community centre. and provide a improved outdoor area to expand programs and activity

for further expansion of programs offered. Education and understanding of land protection, water conservation and environmental issues are central to the knowledge and culture at Warlga Ngurra community centre.



$5065 Hunter Water Love Water Grant


Material Donations


out(fit) volunteers
Planting a water tolerant native garden

Images: Alex Yousefi and Hunter Water

Working Bee

Working Bee Volunteers | Phase 1| May 2019

Alex Yousefi, Angela Bowden, Ben Cvitanovic, Bonanta Adity, D’Arcy Newberry-Dupe, Dylan Slattery, Emma Guthrey, Faith Eadie, Janai Lemar, Kalyna Sparks, Laura McDonald, Lauren Steel, Mariah Hart, Mehrnoush Khavarian, Miranda Cunningham, Sally Clark, Sina Saghari, Stephanie Martin & SueAnne Ware



Masterplan and Visualisation drawings


Project Team

Kalyna Sparks | Design and Research

Josephine Vaughan | Design and Research

Janai Lemar | Design & Funding

Emma Guthrey | Design, Funding and Project Management

Laura Picknell | Design, research and visualisation

Bonanta Adity | Project Management