Client Feedback

A picture drawn for out(fit) from one of the children staying at Jenny’s Place

A picture drawn for out(fit) from one of the children staying at Jenny’s Place


I just wish you could all see the looks of joy on the children’s faces as they play in the yard on the swings and work their way around all the activities exploring the yard to make sure they don’t miss anything and race their bikes around the circuit of the play area.  It has made such a difference and given the children a fantastic new play area.

As you know the impact of domestic violence is devastating for children. Sadly, they often come here leaving everything familiar and comforting to them behind, including their toys and pets. This play area makes their stay here more enjoyable and plays a big role in assisting to repair the often damaged parent child relationship as mums can go out there and enjoy special time with their kids and play in the yard with them.  Now mums also have their own space to sit and enjoy with each other as well, something that we were not able to provide in the past, it gives everyone a space out in the fresh air to get together, talk and support each other through some of the toughest times in their lives. I can’t express in words how much we appreciate everything you have done.

Marcia Chapman (Jenny’s Place) 


Thanks so much for today! You truly came through with the goods today and I really appreciate all the work you and the team have done, more then you all imagine. It’s good to feel like the front is a more welcoming then it was before. 

Jess Hodges (Warlga Ngurra Community Centre')

A huge thank you to out(fit) Newcastle and UoN School of Architecture who are giving their weekend to work on our playground! By Monday we will have an age-appropriate sensory area for our outside learning!!

Mel Nunn and Jenny Bone - St Dominics Centre 


Volunteer Feedback


Every year we conduct an anonymous surveys from our volunteers to see which areas we can improve and how they feel about the day. Below are a selection of comments.

‘It was a good experience for me to work with a group of people who have different skills. It was fun to do such a practical job and have activities in outdoor which is different from my routine job'

‘I loved doing the working bee’

‘It was great working with this lovely team. Thanks.’

‘It was great fun, a lovely bunch of people to work with! It was great to be part of something like this, you guys are doing something wonderful and inspiring!! It creates a community that benefits so many people. It is wonderful to see a group of many different people and skills come together and give back to their community for the better. I was very happy to be apart of it and I hope to be apart of the working bees in the future.’

‘Had a great time. Enjoyed it the best when I had a specific task to do and could do it on my own or with one other person. I also enjoy outfit the most when I am learning about construction through design and construct. Overall great team attitude and had a fun time (especially in the garden ;))’

‘Sucks about weather but thats out of our hands, had heaps of fun and want to do it again!’

‘Being part of this little community is something very special! Thank you for making this a thing and for all the work you do to make these working bees happen. You restore faith that not all of humanity are assholes!’

‘I really enjoyed working with everyone and helping out the community.’

‘Such a great day! It's wonderful to be able to get hands on with a project, especially one with such clear community benefit and awesome ethic. Love your work, excited for the next opportunity to be involved.’

‘It was a fun and rewarding working bee as it felt good to help out and create a difference in the community!’

‘Volunteering with Outfit has truely added to my skills and was really fun working with the team to give back to the community.’

‘Had lots of fun , and was very satisfying to get all done in one day’

‘Exhausted, went home for a bath!’

‘Loved the team’

‘Such a great opportunity to get hands dirty and feel useful!’

Volunteers enjoying a well earned ice cream at St Dominic's working Bee in 2018.   Image: Jess Kellar

Volunteers enjoying a well earned ice cream at St Dominic's working Bee in 2018.

Image: Jess Kellar