out(fit) has a dedicated team



out(fit) has a great team who work together to deliver each project.


Sarah Critchton

Project Coordinator


SueAnne Ware



Shellie Smith

Trailer Coordinator


Emma Guthrey

Project Coordinator




out(fit) has run a paid intern program from 2016. We employ lots of amazing students who have been invaluable. We take in 1-2 students a year to be part of out(fit). If you are a student and interested in the role, watch our social media channels for openings.


Bonanta Adity | 2019

Laura Picknell | 2018

Lily Freeman | 2018

Candy Garraway | 2017

Tom Patterson | 2016

Emma Gaal | 2016


Friends of out(fit)

Since out(fit)’s inception in 2016 many people have donated their time in a professional capacity to provide probono design advice, assist on specific projects, steer the organisation, share skills with our students invaluable to ensuring the future of out(fit.

We are taking a hiatus from our committee for the near future while we work on getting our trailer project up and running.

If you would like to donate some time to out(fit) please email us and lets us know how much time you have and skills you think we could use.


Our committee members from 2016 - 2018

Tanya Killen, Tania Papasotiriou, Vanessa Sooprayen, Candy Garraway, Nicholas Foulcher, Kalyna Sparks, Georgia Kissa, Amber Sauni, Jodie Duddington, Jiànai Lemar, Dr Cathy Smith, Dr Raichel Le Goff, Bobbie Bayley, Karolina Bartkowicz, Rebecca Evans