St Dominic’s Centre

Mayfield | 2018 - 2019


Completed gardens, murals and seating at St Dominic’s

Images: Bonanza Adity, Laura Picknell and Emma Guthrey




St Dominic’s Centre is a catholic school that caters for students from kindergarten to year 10. The enrolment criteria is moderate cognitive delay and deaf or hard of hearing. In 2018 St Dominic’s will accept the first cohort of kindergarten students with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

out(fit) has been engaged to assist in preparing a conceptual landscape plan to upgrade the facilities to better cater for the needs of the students and particularly address the needs of the new enrolments in 2018. 

The transformation is undertaken in a series of working bees completed by our volunteers and includes the installation of some of our mini-bee projects completed off site.


Material Donations


Working Bee

 Working Bee Volunteers | Phase 1| August 2018

Lily Freeman, Laura McDonald, Gretel Linich, Darcy Dupe, Seamus Cahill, Bella Kotris, Bonanta Adity, Hannah Cheetham, Miranda Cunningham, Ropafadzo Mhazo, Laura Picknell, Candy Garraway, Kalyna Sparks, Vanessa Sooprayen, Tania Papasotiriou, Sina Saghari, Jess Kellar, Stephen Merchant, Sue-Anne Ware, Chris Johnstone, Emma Guthrey, Chris Tucker, Nicholas Foulcher 

Working Bee Volunteers | Phase 2| November 2018 

Bonanta Adity, Miranda Cunningham, Nicholas Foulcher, Emma Guthrey, Janai Lemar, Laura McDonald, Ropafadzo Mhazo, Laura Picknell, Vanessa Sooprayen, Kalyna Sparks, Jasmine Richardson, Sue-Anne Ware


Project Team

SueAnne Ware | Design Advice 

Lily Freeman | Design and Visualisation 

Candy Garraway | Design

Tess Rendoth | Research

Jess Kellar | Artist 

Laura Picknell | Project Management 

Emma Guthrey | Project Management


Working bee images phase 1 and 2

Images: Jess Kellar and Chris Tucker