Jenny’s Place

2016 - 2017



Jenny’s Place provides crisis accommodation and support through information, referral and advocacy for women and children escaping domestic violence and/or who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. 

out(fit)’s projects was to address the need for improvements to facilities at Jenny’s Place, a Newcastle based charity, which provides accommodation and support programs for women and children who are victims of domestic violence and/or at risk of homelessness. out(fit)’s member architects, landscape architects and interior designers have worked together to create a new children’s playground garden area and deck with seating for mothers. We had previously commenced a working partnership with Jenny’s Place by enhancing security with new lighting and screens for windows. 

The playground area began with Phase One in September 2016. This consisted of landscaping the outdoor area and preparation for the installation of new play equipment. Donations of time, skills, materials and money have made Phase One possible and we are actively fund raising to purchase the play equipment and advance to completion of the playground. 

The completion of the project consisted of 3 phases of work completed by our volunteers. 

$16,400 Community Building Partnership

$16,400 Community Building Partnership

$13,200 Community Grants

$13,200 Community Grants

$10,000 Community Grants

$10,000 Community Grants

Major Funding


Working Bees

Working Bee Volunteers | Phase 1| September 2016

SueAnne Ware, Emma Guthrey, Karolina Bartkowicz, Bobbie Bayley, Raichel Le Goff, Jodie Duddington, Tanya Killen, Xavier Fogarty, Yasmin Fogarty, Chriss Bayley, Scarlett Whalan, Emma Gaal, Lily Freeman, Kalyna Sparks, Frank Verevakabau, Jennifer Padgett, Courtney White, Janai Lemar, Rebecca Pothecary, Bev Fidler, Ramsey Awad , Matilda Awad, Alexandra Awad, Juliet Awad, Chris Tucker, Jessica Kellar, Stacey Stephens, Priscilla Tan, Hadrian Le Goff, Joshua Ferris, Daniel Mudd, Bernadette Schmidt, Alison Harrison, Emily Campbell, Joel Willis, James Redriff, Peter Helleur, David Boylan 

Working Bee Volunteers | Phase 2| June 2017

 Ramsey Awad, Mia Bacigalupo, Izrayl Brinsdon, Jodie Duddington, Jodie Emanuel, Lily Freeman, Harry Freeman, Will Fritsch, Candy Garraway, Danielle Greenfield, Emma Guthrey, Georgia Guthrey, Ayuni Idris, Sai Inapala, Chris Johnstone, Erica Johnson, Genevieve Kenworthy, Jemima Khoo, Tanya Killen, Xavier Fogarty, Yasmin Fogarty, George Kouretzis, Janai Lemar, Natasha Moore, Kate Morris, Tania Papasotiriou, Vanessa Sooprayen, Amber Sauni, Kalyna Sparks, Jeremy Tack Shin, Priscilla Tan, Martin Tauts, Chris Tucker, Frank Verevakabau, SueAnne Ware, Courtney White, Yiran Zhou, Hannah Fitgerald 

Offsite Working Bee Volunteers | Phase 1| September 2016

Pricilla Tan, Mat Dixon, Daniel Sneddon, Patrick McPherson, Lindsay McDonald




Many people and businesses came together to donate time, products, advice and money to get this project off the ground. We truly could not have done it without their help.