Bonanta Adity


Bonanta is an international student from Bangladesh, finishing her Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Newcastle. She is pursuing the meaning of Architecture and its progression to minimize the negative environmental impact.

Her interests involve kickboxing, swimming, reading and binge watching TV shows, if not cuddling up with her cats.


laura picknell


Laura finished her Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Newcastle in 2018.

Originally from Sydney, Laura loves to knit, weave and stitch, when her head’s not buried in a book.

Laura has a keen interest in history and the progression on architecture throughout it.


lily freeman


Lily is finishing her Masters of Architecture this year. Originating form Sydney, she is an enthuasiastic individual who is interested in humanitarian and small scale urban intervention.

Candy Garraway


Candy Garraway, completed her Masters of Architecture at University of Newcastle in 2017. Wide eyed and eager to learn, Candy hails from a small town in Central West NSW, moving to the closest beach to "study". She is interested in human scale architecture, disability rights, and art.

Tom bw.jpg

Tom Patterson


Tom completed his Masters of Architecture degree in 2016 at University of Newcastle. He now currently lives in Sydney and works at a local architecture firm.

Emma Gaal bw.jpg

emma GAAL


Emma is currently completing her Master of Architecture at University of Newcastle. Emma won the Parker Fellowship in 2015 and travelled around India and Europe before resuming her studies.


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